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Homestay Ao Salakphet Koh Chang Trat Thailand

Homestay Ao Salakphet Koh Chang Trat Thailand

Homestay Ao Salakphet Koh Chang Trat Thailand
Ao Salakphet is a large, semi-circular bay, backed by ranges of nountains called Khao Salakphet.
In the front are also some mountainous islands blocking strong wind and waves, thus, the bay is pretty quiet and tranquil.
In old days, this bay used to be called Texus of Koh Chang, since it was an important haven and source of fresh water for the sea people.

No wonder Ao Salakphet was the liveliest area of Koh Chang then.
However, Ao Salakphet nowadays is not as busy as in the past; it is just a peaceful village with rich, pristine nature.
In the morning the fishing boats would come to deliver caught animals to buyers at Ao Salakphet. Thus, many people often come to try fresh seafood at this bay too.


Homestay Ao Salakphet Koh Chang Trat
Actually, people at Ban Salakphet does not only do fishery, they also keep many kinds of orchards, especially durian and rambutans.
These products will be exported to surrounded provinces and even the neighbouring country like Cambodia.
As more and more tourists are now interested in Koh Chang, today various styles of accommodations are provided around the island.

Ban Salakphet community was the first to accommodate tourists in homestay style.
At that time, even the term homestay did not yet exist, yet visitors have always been welcome here.
Until 1998, Tourism Authority of Thailand has organized training about homestay, and that was the beginning of Ban Salakphet Homestay.

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Homestay Ao Salakphet Koh Chang Trat Thailand
Home to Stay

Ban Salakphet Homestay has two styles of accommodations to offer, the first is a private house with air-conditioner, located amidst genuine primitive surroundings.

The second is a typical wooden house built into the sea, with only basic facilities. Whatever you choose, you are sure to receive a smile and a warm welcome.


Thai food and fresh seafood are the most popular dish, however, some homestay packages might not include food.
In that case, you will need to order food separately from the private restaurant.


Homestay Ao Salakphet
Rules and Regulations
1. Tourists must not bring any kinds of illegal drugs to the island.
2. Since the area is a residential area, tourists must not make loud noise that will annoy other people after midnight.
3. Contact for reservation at least 3-7 days in advance.

Lodging houses with full-facilities:
500-2,000 Baht/night
The prices of homestay packages varie according to the room and duration (1,900 2,000, 2,400 and 3,800 Baht).
Typical homestay: 200 Baht/person 2 days 1 night package: 1,200 Baht/person (including 4 meals, snake and accommodation)



The most popular activity at Ao Salakphet is visiting nearby islands, Koh Sai Khao, Koh Wai, Koh Lao Ya, for example.
Tourists could also go diving at Koh Rang or make a driving tour around Koh Chang.


Salakphet Seafood & Resort: 0 6310 4461, 0 1429 9983
Sombat-Ple Homestay: 0 8163 1328
Saeng Arun Kitchen: 0 1650 2658, 0 3955 3131