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Homestay Ao Bang Bao Koh Chang Trat Thailand

Homestay Ao Bang Bao Koh Chang Trat Thailand

Homestay Ao Bang Bao Koh Chang Trat Thailand
The west of Koh Chang is the place wher you can find many resorts and hotels, but if you drive straight to the end of the road at Ao Bang Bao, you will find an old fisherman community with real primitive surroundings.

Similar to Ao Salakphet, Ao Bang Bao is one of the earliest fisherman communities of Koh Chang.

From Dan Khao Port, go along to the east of the island, you will pass Haad Sai Khao, Haad Klong Prao, Haad Kai Bae, Haad Bai Lan and a junction to Ao Bang Bao.
If you go straight on, you will find Bang Bao beach, but if turn right, you will find Ban Bang Bao village.


Homestay Ao Bang Bao Koh Chang Trat
What is different about this community is the way its people built their houses on the poles in the middle of the sea.
There is a concrete boardwalk linking all the houses together.
In the past the main occupation of Bang Bao people was fishery, but nowadays as tourism has flourished at Koh Chang, more people starts to make a living from tourism. In fishing season, the fishermen would go fishing, but in traveling season, they may adapt their boat to touring boat.

Along the road at Bang Bao community are countless seafood restaurants that guarantee good taste and freshness.
At noon and in the evening, therefore, Bang Bao community will be crowded with ardent tasters.
Around the area is also a souvenir shop with such a famous product called Kapi (salty shrimp paste).

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Homestay Ao Bang Bao Koh Chang Trat Thailand
Home to Stay

Most houses at Ban Bang Bao are built on the wooden pole in the middle of the sea.
Yet, there are also rooms with air-conditioner and private balcony, for instance, Ban Feung Fah (0 9246 1895X,
while fan rooms with basic facilities are still found at Chepodi Banjong Seafood & Tour (0 9936 2321X.

Most homestay packages at Ban Bang Bao will not include food.
But tourists could still choose to try fresh seafood from private restaurants around the house, or just make an extra order from the hose.


Homestay Ao Bang Bao
Rules and Regulations
1. Tourists must not bring any kinds of illegal drugs to the island.
2. Since the area is a residential area, tourists must not make loud noise that will annoy other people after 08.00 pm.
3. Contact for reservation at least 3-7 days in advance.

Ban Feung Fah
Large room for 30 persons: 5,000 Baht/night
Medium room for 20 persons: 3,000 Baht
Small room for 2-5 persons: 1,000 1,500 Baht
Chepodi Bonjong Seafood & Tour
200 Baht/person/hight (breakfast included)


Homestay Ao Bang Bao Koh Chang Trat Thailand

The most popular activity for tourists is visiting the nearby natural attractions, for example, Haad Bang Bao, Haad Kai Bae, or Namtok Haad Klong Plu.
You can also go diving at the islands surrounded, or simply walk around the community to see the lifestyle of local people at Ban Bang Bao.


Ban Feung Fah: 0 9246 1895, 0 1920 5585
Chepodi Banjong Seafood & Tour: 0 9936 2321, 0 9936 1848
The bedrood of Fueng Fah Homestay is comfortable and cozy, but it still enables ones to feel the genuine atmosphere of Bang Bao community.