Homestay Koh Chang Ranong Thailand

Homestay Koh Chang Ranong Thailand

Homestay Koh Chang Ranong Thailand
In old days, Koh Chang of Ranong was an island with homestay style of accommodation. However, it was not very popular for tourists, so many villagers choose to adapt their houses into guesthouses instead.

Although Koh Chang Homestay has changed its style, the local peoples lifestyle is still there at the island.

Ao yai is a favorite beach located in the west of Koh Chang. It is very beautiful and is the best sunset view spot of the island. There fore, at this beach you can find many guesthouses for tourists.

Guesthouse at Ao Yai is an interesting choice of accommodation at Koh Chang.


Homestay Koh Chang Ranong
Home to stay

Nowadays, most accommodations on Koh Chang are guesthouses, all of which are built to blend well with the natural environment of the island.
There are many guesthouses at Ao Yai, most of which provide mattress, mosquito net, and private restroom. The rate of moderate-rated guesthouse is 200-250 Baht per room (2 persons).


Most tourists could easily choose to eat in the guesthouse. Most food is inexpensive Thai food made to order and fresh seafood.


Homestay Koh Chang
Rule & Regulations

There are not particular rules in staying in the guesthouse.


The rate of passenger boat from Ranong to the island is not more than 100 Baht.
The housing rate is approximately 200-250 Baht,
and it costs around 1,500-2,500 Baht to hire a whole boat to the islands nearby.

Simple, clean and cozy bedroom in the guesthouses at Ao Yai, Koh Chang.


Homestay Koh Chang Ranong Thailand

Tourists could walk around the agricultural areas of the islanders, diving to see coral reefs, go fishing in the sea, and visiting the islands nearby.

However, for those who wish to just laze by the sea with a book or a cd walkman, well, the beach is yours!


Ranong eco-tourism club and network: 0 7782 3714
Concrete roat from the port to the village at Ao Yai.