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How To Go Koh Chang Trat Thailand

How To Go Koh Chang Trat Thailand

Koh Chang Trat Thailand
Koh Chang of Trat has been one of the dearest islands for many travelers, because it has a number of fascinating beaches and waterfalls, as well as various choices of accommodations to suit every need. All those who have visited this island thus acclaim Koh Chang as a heavenly island of Trat.

Location: The southwest of Trat province, approximately 8 kilometers away from Laem Ngob.

To get there:
From Bangkok, take highway 3 (Bangna-Trat) pass Chonburi, Rayong, Chantaburi, into Trat province. Then drive further along highway 3148 to Laem Ngob.

There are two ferry ports to Koh Chang;
Koh Chang Center Point Ferry Port (0 3953 8196)
Koh Chang Ao Thammachat Por (0 3953 8318, 0 3958 8318).

Tourists could also come to Trat by bus from Mo Chit bus terminal and Ekkamai bus terminal. If you want a more convenient and faster trip, you can as well board airplane to Trat, which will take only 40 minutes.


Koh Chang Trat
Koh Chang is an island with a long and honorable history. During 1940 1941, Thai and France had a fight concerning an eastern territory dispute.

Air raids were done upon Koh Chang, Koh Kood, and Koh Samet. Thai sent Chantaburi airforce to combat such attracts. The next day Koh Ngam and the south of Ao Salakphet of Koh Chang were also bombed, but Thai navy also has fought back and put down many of French aircrafts.

Finally we succeeded in eliminating French troops, however, from this war Thai army has lost altogether 3 vessels and hundreds of soldiers.
This glorious fight to protect the country has been recognized for generations of people. Thus, Thai navy will organize a ceremony in memory for this event every year on January 17th.

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Koh Chang Trat Thailand
From a battlefield in the pas, nowadays Koh Chang has changed to a completely tourist island.
Lying paralleled to the coastal line of Trat, Koh Chang is the second largest island of Thailand after Phuket.

Most of the areas are mountainous; the highest hill is called Khao Salakphet (743 meters above sea level).

Most islanders here have some Chinese blood because this island used to be a haven for Chinese people since the time they sailed junks to trade at Trat province.

Located close to Haad Klong Prao in the west of the island, Namtok Klong Plu is the largest waterfall of Koh Chang.


Koh Chang
Today it is very easy to get to Koh Chang with the large ferry that can load up to 36 cars and 200 persons.

Tourists could board such ferry at Koh Chang Center Point Ferry Port (03953 8196X and Koh Chang Ao Thammachat Ferry Port (0 3953 8318, 0 3958 8318).

Once you reach the island, there are taxi-minibuses to help you get to all parts of the island. You can also rent a motorcycle, but be careful while driving because the path is quite steep and has many sharp turns.

Salakphet community is the oldest and largest community of Koh Chang. Each house is built in the sea, so it has such cool and airy atmosphere. Tourists could also choose to stay her in homestay program.


Koh Chang Trat Thailand
Although the south-east has no beaches like the north-west, it has as many as 4 waterfalls namely Namtok Klong Nonsi, Namtok Than Mayom, Namtok Klong Neung, and Namtok Khiriphet.

There is also an ancient community here, so ones could still see the simple lifestyle of fishermen, coconut famers, and orchard farmers. Moreover, the south is also the location of Ao Salakphet or Texus of Koh Chang, as in the past it used to be the hiding place of the pirates and outlaws.

Today, however, Ao Salakphet becomes the most important fisherman village of the island, and also the best sunrise view spot of Koh Chang.

Inside the bedroom of Salakphet Seafood & Resort; from the front of this room, guests can just watch the lifestyle of local fishermen or go strolling to see sea animal keeping nets.


Koh Chang Trat
At Koh Chang, ones could travel in the north-west, or the south-east. The north and the west are attractive with beautiful beaches as following.
Haad Sai Khao is a white sandy beach full of resorts, restaurants, pubs and bars.
Laem Chai Chet is a stony cape to watch the best sunset scenery.
Haad Klong Prao is a curved beach with peaceful atmosphere and various accommodations for tourists.
Haad Kai Bae, a quiet beach where you can clearly see Koh Man Nok, Koh Man Nai, Koh Pli, and Koh Nguak.
Lonely Beach, a clean sandy beach nice for swimming and sunbathing.
Ao Bang Bao where a fisherman community and a number of seafood restaurants and homestay lodging houses are located.
There is also a waterfall called Namtok Klang Plu located in the north-west near Haad Klong Prao.