Homestay Koh Haad Sai Dam Ranong Thailand

Homestay Koh Haad Sai Dam Ranong Thailand

Homestay Koh Haad Sai Dam Ranong Thailand
Actually, in the past this island was rarely known by anyone. It was just a small and unrecognized island whose people just did fishery in old style and did not often leave the island.
However, not so long ago, Pan Tick Group and Mr. Sanchart Chinprat, the headmaster of Ban Koh Haad Sai Dam School have initiated the plan to erect Koh Haad Sai Dam Homestay Program. The aim of this program is to increase local peoples income and the strengthen the community.
At first, the center of this program is the school of the island. The project is called School Homestay; tourists would come to the island to appreciate the beauty of nature and lifestyle at day, and stay in the school at night.
Villagers would bring tourists to net fish and crabs, as well as digging clams, watching fireflies, and rowing through mangrove forest, while students would create souvenir made of wood to sell tourists so they can pay the school fee by themselves.
After a while, this project just expands to the villagers houses. Right how there are altogether 10 houses joining in this program.


Homestay Koh Haad Sai Dam Ranong
Home to stay

Most houses are built high above the ground in order to prevent flooding when the tide is high. Inside there rarely are any facilities, only a mattress, a pillow, a mosquito net, and a fan. But all houses are clean and airy. Tourists could also choose to spend the night at school. There will be a camping site and a large hall to accommodate large group of tourists.

Have a cup of coffee with Pa-tong-go (fried bread) in the morning. Then go net some fish and crabs for lunch and dinner. Here seafood could be cooked in very various recipes, all are quite spicy but definitely delicious. Moreover, do not miss trying Hoi-rak-dong (picked clam), which is the high light in Koh Haad Sai Dam menu.


Homestay Koh Haad Sai Dam Ranong Thailand
Rule & Regulations

1. Tourists must not bring any alcohols or illegal drugs to the island.
2. Female tourists must dress properly, at least they should not wear mere vast and shorts, because it is against Islamic rule.
3. Contact for at least 7 days in advance.

Accommodation: 100 Baht/night/person
Food: 70 Baht/meal/person
Crab netting activity: 100 Baht/person
Hiring a whole boat to the island: 1000 Baht/10 persons
Hiring a whole boat to tour around the island: 1,500 2,000 Baht/10 persons


Homestay Koh Haad Sai Dam

Activities tourists could do while staying at this island is netting crabs with local people, digging clams, watching fireflies, riding boat through mangrove forest, learning how to keep sea animals in the keeping net, and doing recreational activities along the beach.


Ranong eco-tourism club and network: 0 1607 34324, 0 7782 3814
Mr. Sanchart Chinprat, the headmaster of Ban Koh Haad Sai Dam School: 0 4053 9408