How To Go Koh Haad Sai Dam Ranong Thailand

How To Go Koh Haad Sai Dam Ranong Thailand

Koh Haad Sai Dam Ranong Thailand
It is hard to believe that, a small island located only 18 kilometers away from Ranong town could still preserve its very pristine and simple lifestyle of people just like in old days. Koh Haad Sai Dam is thus calling us to get closer, to appreciate the beauty of the real original islander lifestyle that ones might have hardly experienced before.

Although there are no regular passenger boat to Koh Haad Sai Dam, tourists can still get there by getting small motorboats at Ton Son Port. This boat service is provided by local people around the area.

The Island is 4.5 kilometers away from land, and 18 kilometers away from Ranong town.

To get there: From the bus terminal at Ranong town, get on the bus Ranong Tha Chang for 14 kilometers. Then take a small bus from Ban Ta Chang to Ton Son Port, which is 3 kilometers away. Then board a fisherman boat from Ton Son Port, which is 3 kilometers away. Then board a fisherman boat from Ton Son Port to the island. The journey takes around 35 minutes.


Koh Haad Sai Dam Ranong
There are two beaches at the east and the west of Koh Haad Sai Dam. It is surprising that both beaches are similarly called Haad Sai Dam or Beach Black Sandy. This photo is taken one after the school in the west of the island.

Although it is only a small village on the island, Ban Haad Sai Dam is the location of many important buildings, for example, public health center, monastery mosque, and school.

New generation of Ban Haad Sai Dam is replacing the older generation, yet at the same time maintaining their ancestors lifestyle.

Many people might think of Kapi (salty shrimp paste) when talking about a well-known Tourists could try and buy this fish at the fresh market of the island.


Koh Haad Sai Dam Ranong Thailand
Ban Koh Haad Sai Dam is located near Ranong estuary, which is the area of peat swamp with rich mangrove forest. When fallen leaves decay and are swept into the sea they will accumulate at the beaches of this island. The dark sediment that settles at the beaches is the origin of the name Koh Haad Sai Dam, which means an island with black beaches.

The history of Koh Haad Sai Dam community stated many generations earlier by Chinese emigrants. One day a righteous bandit who stole things to help poor people had came to hide at this island. The government found it hard to capture this man for the local people sheltered him from the officers.
However, finally a ruthlessly suppression was done, and after that people of different cultures and religions began to come settle down at this island. Therefore, nowadays, it is a quite diverse community where you can find Thais, Chinese, Buddhists, and Muslims living together.


Koh Haad Sai Dam
When the tide gets low in the afternoon, in the west of the island, tourists might see local people coming out and digging clams on the sandy beach. This clams called Hoi Rak in Thai, and it is quite an outstanding dish at Koh Haad Sai Dam.

Right now there are altogether 390 villagers at Koh Haad Sai Dam. 70% are Islamists, while other 30% are Buddists. They make a living by doing fishery, mainly netting fish, shrimps, squids and crabs, and making Kapi (salty shrimp paste).
In old days there were no electricity at all on this island, yet to day the government has brought in and installed solar panels at every house. This makes things much easier for both local people and visitors. Apart from countless fascinating beaches and rich mangrove forests, on the island you can also find school, mosque, monastery, and public health center.