Homestay Koh Kood Trat Thailand

Homestay Koh Kood Trat Thailand

Koh Kood Trat Thailand
Located at the farthest east of Thailand, Koh Kood is the second largest island after Koh Chang. Apart from the innumerable beaches, clear emerald sea, and wonderful waterfalls, Koh Kood also has as many as three homestay villages. The first is at Ao Salad, near the passenger boat port. The second is at Klong Chao, and the third is at Ban Bang Bao, the southern end of the island.

Although the three homestay programs offerquite similar packages, the atmosphere of the three places just varies according to their locations. At Al Salad, tourists could appreciate the lifestyle of fishermen, as well as the process of keeping sea animals in the keeping nets.
At Klong Chao, you can enjoy the scenery and activities both in the canal and along the shore, whereas at Ban Bang Bao, ones might as well be impressed with shady rubber tree farms and rich mangrove forests.


Koh Kood Trat
Home to stay
The homestay lodging houses at Ao Salad are real fishermans residence. They are wooden houses built just above the water.
The lodging houses for tourists at Klong Chao are built along the bank of the canal, whereas at Ban Bang Bao, the wooden houses are built in the middle of rubber tree farm.

Most homestay packages at Koh Kood will not include food, so tourists could order and choose to eat whatever they please at the restaurants.
At Koh Kood, there is a special menu ones should not miss, that is black shells curry (Kaeng Hoi Tan). The dish is special because such black shells could be found at this island only.

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Koh Kood Trat Thailand
Rule & Regulations

Tourists must contact for accommodations at least 7 days in advance.


The all-inclusive package for 3 days 2 nights is approximately 2,900 baht per person,
while lodging house rate is 150 200 Baht per night per person.
So we can sy that Koh Kood is a very diverse and interesting island to visit for both Thai and foreign tourists.


Koh Kood
Most tourists would love to see real fisherman lifestyle and the sea animal keeping nets.
They may also watch sunset scenery from the western beaches or go diving to see coral reefs at Rang group islands.

Doi Guesthouse: 0 1863 3525, 0 79049640
Ban Klong Chao: 0 7075 0942
Ban Pai, Koh Kood: 0 9931 5683, 0 6075 5077
Ban Suan, Koh Kood: 0 1930 0939
Ao Salad Home in Home: 0 1861 5249, 0 1295 6453