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How To Go Koh Kood Trat Thailand

How To Go Koh Kood Trat Thailand

Koh Kood Trat Thailand
For many years that Koh Kood has welcomed tourists from around the world. Although this island is located at the farthest east of Thailand, its serenity, together with the emerald green water and white fine sandy beaches of Koh Kood are always fascinating for everyone. This is why this island has been regarded as the Andaman Island in the Gulf of Thailand.

Location: The west of Koh Chang and Koh Mak, approximately 82 kilometers away from Laem Ngob Port (17 km southward of Trat town.).

To get there: From October to May, there is a boat of Koh Kood Seatran Company to Laem Hin Dam Port at the island once a day at 10.00 am. The journey from Laem Ngob Port to Koh Kood takes 2-3 hours.


Koh Kood Trat Thailand
However, it is easier to get there by buying touring packages from the resorts on the island. There are three main resorts and three main ports as followings.
-Koh Kood Cabana Resort: start at Dan Khao Port (5 km from Trat town)
-Captain Hook Resort: start at Laem Sok Port (24 km from town)
-Koh Kood Lagoona Resort: Ao Chor Port (20 km from town)
All three resorts would bring you to the island within 1 hour with their private speedboats.

This is Klong Chao, one of the most beautiful canals of Koh Kood. There is a village locate amidst the rich mangrove forest. Here you can kayak through the forest to the mouth of the canal at Ao Klong Chao.
One of the most popular activities for tourists who stay at Klong Chao is kayaking to appreciate the beauty of the forest along the canal to the sea.

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Koh Kood Trat
Koh Kood is an island at the farthest east of Thailand, just before entering Cambodia water territory. It is the second largest island after Koh Chang, with two minor islands named Koh Rad and Koh Mai See Lek.

In old days, Koh Kood used to be only a small village under Koh Mak. Until in 1990, it was elevated to be a sub-district with eight villages. Nowadays, Koh Kood has a sub-district administrative office, hospital, health center, police station, school, post office, electricity plant, and four temples.

Since this island is pretty remote and difficult to reach, the natural environment of the island is still in a perfectly pristine condition. Tourists thus could come here to appreciate wonderful sandy beaches and clear seawater very well. Most of the beaches of Koh Kood are in the west as followings.


Koh Kood
The most beautiful waterfall of Koh Kood is Namtok Klong Chao, which is named after the canal that produces it, Klong Chao canal.

Although Koh Kood is located at the farthest east of Thailand, its rich natural resources has created plenty of freshwater and food to this island. In this picture is the gian Afzelia bijuga (Scrophylariaceae) found at Ban Nern Din Daeng around Ao Salad.

Klong Prao is the canal that runs out at Ao Prao, a bay in the southwest of the island. It is also the location of an ancient community where people do fishery, rubber tree farms, and homestay lodging houses for tourists.
These fish are caught around Koh Kood. They can very well guarantee the richness of the island natural resources.


Koh Kood Trat Thailand
Haad Klong Chao is a charming beach at the west of Koh Kood. The sandy beach is fine and clean, while the emerald green sea is crystal clear.
Only 300 meters away from this beach into Klong Chao canal, ones would find charming homestay lodging houses for tourists.

Ao Klong Ta Tin is in the northwest of the island. The white clean sandy beach is very peaceful since it is accessible only by boat.
Ao Klong Yai Kee is similar to Ao Klong Ta Tin because there is a canal running out at this bay. Here you can enjoy diving and kayaking through mangrove forest very well.

Ao Tapao is a long, clean sandy beach where a deepwater port called Laem Hin Dam Port is situated. Ao Tapao is also said to be the most beautiful beach of the island.


Koh Kood Trat
Ao Klong Chao is not far from Ao Tapao. It is a bay wher a canal called Klong Chao runs out. Near this bay is a waterfall, Namtok Klong Chao, which is said to be the most beautiful waterfall of the island.

Apart from being a port and a fisherman village, Ao Salad at Koh Kood is also the location of a homestay village where tourists could enjoy a peaceful morning after watching sunrise above the mountain.

Laem Hin Dam Port is located near Ao Tapao. Passenger boats from Laem Ngob Port will come to this port everyday in traveling season. The journey takes approximately 4 hours.

Not far from Ao Klong Chao are Ao Ngam Kho and Ao Bang Bao, which are other two fantastic beaches of the west.


Koh Kood Trat Thailand
There are three beaches in the south of the island, Ao Klong Hin, Ao Chak, Ao Prao. Although the three beaches are quite far, they are very peaceful and nice for swimming and relaxing.

In the east there is a bay named Ao Salad. It is the location of the main port and the ancient fisherman community of the island.
After ones have had enough of the beaches of Koh Kood, ones can also go further to dive at the nearby islands, such as Koh Mak, Koh Kham, and Rang group islands.

The Charm of Klong Chao comes from the beautiful nature of the mangrove forest and the villager houses that are built along the seashore. Tourists could row a kayak along the beach in order to appreciate such impressive scenery.