Homestay Koh Maprao Phuket Thailand

Homestay Koh Maprao Phuket Thailand

Homestay Koh Maprao Phuket Thailand
The charm of Koh maprao comes from its primitive society, islanders lifestyles and cultures. In the past Koh Maprao was an island ot visit within one day, since there were no bungalows or resorts on the island.

But after the homestay program was established 3 years ago, more and more tourists have been looking forward to visiting and spending some nights at this pristine island.
The major aim of this program is to promote ago-tourism at this island and to enable tourists to learn more about the peoples way of life.

This homestay program is running as an cooperative, so that every member will receive an equal pay. Koh Maprao has many hundreds visitors each year, so its islanders are having a higher income and standard of living.


Homestay Koh Maprao Phuket
Home to stay

Most of the lodging houses are located around Haad Ban Klang community. Some are primitive raised-floor wooden houses, other are single-storied brick houses, all with adequate basic facilities.
Moreover, tents for rent are also available, each could accommodate up to 4 persons.


Local food and fresh seafood are the most common ones. However, tourists could inform their hosts in advance in case they want any special meals.


Homestay Koh Maprao Phuket Thailand
Rule & Regulations
1. Tourists must not bring pork and any kinds of alcohol or illegal drugs to the island.
2. It is necessary for women to dress properly, at least they should NOT wear mere vest and shorts.
3. Contact for reservation at least 3 days in advance.

A homestay package: 150 Baht/person/night (including 3 meals and accommodation)
If ones wish to travel around the island, ones could rent a motorcycle, or hire a motorboat from local people.


Homestay Koh Maprao

Tourists could see the demonstrations of batik painting and rubber tree slitting. See how people keep snapper and pearl-oyster farms, and learn how to cast fishing net.

Also ones can swim at the beach, or travel around the island by bicycle, motorcycle, and motorboat.


Koh Maprao Homestay: 0 1894 0064