How To Go Koh Maprao Phuket Thailand

How To Go Koh Maprao Phuket Thailand

Koh Maprao Phuket Thailand
Although Koh Maprao is only a few kilometers away from Phuket, the two islands are completely different. While Phuket is a world-famous island known as the pearl of Andaman, Maprao is just small island hardly known to the world.

But who knows that this island has impressed countless visitors with its fascinating nature, its friendly people, and its argro-tourism.This is the Koh Maproao community where you can see local peoples fish keeping nets and mussel farms.

Location: The east of Phuket

To get there: From Phuket town, get on a bus to Ban Laem Hin Port, which is 18 kilometers away. Then take a passenger boat to the island. The journey takes around 20 minutes, and visitors could bring bicycle or motorcycle to the island.


Koh Maprao Phuket
Koh Maprao has approximately 126 families on it. Most people here are Islamists who do domestic fishery, catching crabs, mussels, and fish to export to Phuket and nearby province. At this island there are also snapper, lobster and mussel farms, so it is one of the largest water markets of the area. Apart from fisher, Koh Maprao islanders also do rubber tree and coconut farming. The name Maprao actually means coconuts, this is because in the past there used to be so many coconut trees at this island.

Nowadays, the major product of Koh Maqprao is mussel. The islanders will put a 1.20-meter-long stick into the water in order for mussels to cling on. Then divide the stick into 5-8 pieces and drop it in the keeping nets in the sea. By that way the mussel would grow well-fed and well-fitted for sale within 8 months.

Although Koh Maprao is just a small island, there still is a fascinating beach called Haad Yao, which is a long sandy beach with peaceful surroundings.


Koh Maprao Phuket Thailand
Koh Maprao has two main ports, the first is Na Haad Port located in the west of the island. This port mainly welcome people from Laem Hin Port in Phuket. The second port called Na Ban Port is in the village.
It is a deep port for freighters, fishing boats, and touring boats. So if ones want to hire a boat to nearby islands, ones should come and start at this port.

Koh Maprao is a superb place to do a nature tour, in the west and south are mangrove forests with a boardwalk around 200 meters long. Tourists could walk and do bird watching along the way very well.

Watch the scenery of Koh Maprao from Camp Belwedare, the view spot on the hill in the middle of the island. You can see Koh Bali, Koh Khai Le, and Koh Rang Yai very well.


Koh Maprao
The east of the island is mountainous, so there are a number of view spots along the road. From Na Ban community, there is a concrete road around the island, approximately 6 kilometers long. Some parts of the road are of dirt, but they are still safe for driving motorcycle or bicycle.

Although there are beaches at three sides of the island, the only one that is most popular among tourists is the eastern beach called Haad Yao. This is because the other two sides, in the west and the north, are muddy beaches that also serve as ports.

Koh Maprao is an island that supports saving energy campaign. And with the cooperation of the government, every house at this island has been installed a solar panel. Moreover, people here also try to transform useless natural resources to profitable products, for example, handicraft from the leaf of rubber trees or fish scale, or basket from coconut stalk. All these make Koh Maprao and outstanding ago-tourist island.