Homestay Koh Panyi Phang Nga Thailand

Homestay Koh Panyi Phang Nga Thailand

Homestay Koh Panyi Phang Nga Thailand
After tourism at Phang Nga has grown more and more famous, Koh Panyi becomes a more well-known destination. There were plans to erect some resorts to answer the need of accommodation for tourists, and to help increasing income of local people.

However, as there are pretty few flat areas at this island, the attempt turned out to be homestay-style accommodation instead.

Panyi kids enjoy jumping into the sea; they have no need to worry at all since there are so many islands in this bay to protect the winds and strong waves.

There are two friendly homestay provides at Koh Panyi, Paisan Bungalow and Panyi Bungalow. Paisan Bungalows are built near the port, whereas Panyi Bungalows are located at the foot of the hill. They could be seen clearly from Tha Dan Port.


Homestay Koh Panyi Phang Nga
Home to stay

Established for 5 years now, lodging houses of Paisan Bungalow are cozy palm-roofed cottages with bed, fan, and mosquito net. The 7 cottages has no private restroom, and each could accommodate from 1-3 persons.
Panyi Bungalow consists of a restaurant, a souvenir shop, and 5 lodging houses (no private restroom too). The owner is also kind and friendly.


Both Thai food and western food are available, as well as fresh seafood and local southern food. However, you should be aware that the last one is really hot and spicy.


Homestay Koh Panyi Phang Nga Thailand
Rule & Regulations
1. Tourists must not bring pork and any kinds of alcohol or illegal drugs to the island.
2. It is necessary for women to dress properly, at least they should NOT wear mere vest and shorts.
3. Tourists should help preserve the environment by not littering on the island or carrying any natural objects off the island.
4. Contact for reservation at least 3-7 days in advance.

Paisan Bungalow: 250 Baht/person (including 2 meals and accommodation)
Panyi Bungalow: 350 Baht/person (including 3 meals and accommodation)


Homestay Koh Panyi

Following are activities tourists could do at Koh Panyi: strolling around the island to watch local peoples lifestyle, watching sunset at the western port, and traveling to the nearby attractions and islands. You can find a boat service from the two bungalows mentioned.
Shopping for souvenir in the local market at Koh Panyi.


Paisan Bungalow: 0 9873 7403, 0 1086 5845
Panyi Bungalow: 0 1958 0633