How To Go Koh Panyi Phang Nga Thailand

How To Go Koh Panyi Phang Nga Thailand

Koh Panyi Phang Nga Thailand
Similar to Koh Surin, Koh Similan, and other islands in Phang Nga province, Koh Panyi is a dream island for many travelers. Although this island is full of towering mountains, there still dwells a Muslim fisherman community.
Being hidden in the deepest area of the very curved bay, it is not surprising that people here are never afraid of heavy storms at all.

Location: The south of Phang Nga, upper part of Phang Nga Bay

To get there: From the bus terminal in Phan Nga Town, take a taxi-minibus to Tha Dan Port (Dan Sulakakorn Port). And from this port board motorboat further for 2 kilometers or around 25 minutes. There are boats from 06.00 am and 06.00 pm. The boat fare is 30 baht.
To get to Koh Panyi, ones need to board a motorboat at Tha Dan Port. You can get there by taking local minibus from Phang Nga town.


Koh Panyi Phang Nga
Phang Nga Bay or Ao Phang Nga is a national park that consists 42 islands. Its famous attractions are Khao Ping Khan (learning limestone hills), Khao Tapu (a nail hill), and Koh Hong (a hall island). Located within Phang Nga Bay, just above these attractions mentioned is an equally well-known island called Koh Panyi.

Situated in the south of Khao Kian, Koh Panyi is a limestone mountainous island with very few flat areas. The question often rises that why the islanders here had to build their community in such a place. A local people explained to us that, their ancestors noticed that the island is a superb area for fishing, plus safe from winds and storms.
So they started to build a few houses along the shore and thus the fisherman community began. Afterward when tourism in Phang Nga has flourished, members of this community have just increased.


Koh Panyi Phang Nga Thailand
Although there is only little flat area on the island, tourists can travel and tour around the island very well along the small concrete path. People at Koh Panyi are fiendly and welcome all tourists ragardless of race and religion. Most houses are single floor, built firmly above the water. Also there are some restaurants, stores, souvenir shops, and a school along the walking path at this island.

Shopping for souvenir in the local market at Koh Panyi. And please note that from this island, you can brilliantly watch sunrise and sunset scenery, expecially from the view spot on the top of the hill. The most outstanding construction at this island is Su-rao or mosque. Located in the south of the island, this mosque is beautifully and exquisitely built. And in the evening around this mosque and the school would be the recreational sites for local people. Most people at Koh Panyi are Muslims. So visitors should behave according to Islamic rules, for example, do NOT bring pork and alcohol onto the island, do NOT gamble and women should dress politely.


Koh Panyi
Normally tourists arrive at the island in the afternoon. After that you can have lunch and walk around the island to see fisherman village, see how they catch fish or run sea animal farms, and buy some dry seafood or souvenir at the local market.

Then, you may spend a night in homestay lodging house and another day visiting nearby attractions like Khao Ping Khan, Khao Tapu. Tham Lod, and Koh Khai, etc.

The Muslim village of Koh Panyi, most villagers here make a living by fishery, keeping sea animal farms, and selling souvenir to tourists.

Not far from Koh Panyi are many tourist attractions to explore, Khao Ping Kan, Khao Tapu, for example. A brief tour around Ao Phang Nga takes around half a day.