Homestay Koh Pitak Chumphon Thailand

Homestay Koh Pitak Chumphon Thailand

Homestay Koh Pitak Chumphon Thailand
Koh Pitak homestay was established since 1995, when more tourists came to the island while no accommodations were available.

The village headman therefore initiated homestay program to provide lodging houses for tourists and to increase the income of local people.

The first charge during the program experiment was 100 Baht per person.

Last two years, Koh Pitak homestay has been more familiar and well-known among tourists.

The member of homes to stay thus increased and cooperative system has been used to distribute an equal share to everyone.


Homestay Koh Pitak Chumphon
Home to stay

Most of the lodging houses are single-storied houses located by the sea.

The wide balcony that stretches out into the sea is a favorite corner for many people who want to relax in the breeze and in peace.


Local food and seafood are the most common ones.
But if you want any special food, you can just tell your hosts in advance, so they could get it from the land prior to your visit.


Homestay Koh Pitak
Rule & Regulations

There is only one rule to strictly obey, tourists must not bring any illegal drugs to the island.
And it would be your advantage to contact for reservation at least 7 days in advance.


A homestay package 399 Baht/person (including 3 meals and accommodation)
A whole boat trip to tour and drive: 700 Baht/day.
Diving equipments for rent: 50 Baht/person


Homestay Koh Pitak Chumphon Thailand

Tourists could stroll around the island to watch local people netting crabs and fishing squids.
You can as well hire a motorboat to go diving in the middle of the sea.


Mr. Amphon Thanikrut, the village headman: 0 1093 1443, 0 9018 0844
Address: 32, Moo14, Bang Nam Cheud sub-district, Lang Suan district, Chumphon 86150