How To Go Koh Pitak Chumphon Thailand

How To Go Koh Pitak Chumphon Thailand

Koh Pitak Chumphon Thailand
Koh Pitak is a very remarkable island of Chumphon since it is pretty close to the land, and it has pristine natural surroundings.
Nowadays, Koh Pitak is even more interesting due to the community on it and the homestay program that focuses on eco-tourism.

The western beach of Koh Pitak is the location of a fisherman community. Most houses here are built on wooden pole in the water.

Location: At Thong Krok Bay, Bang Nam Cheud sub-district, around 1 kilometer away from Pak Nam Lang Suan at Chumphon.

To get there: Boat service by locat people is available at Ao Thong Krok Port. The boat fare is 10 Baht.


Koh Pitak Chumphon
In old days, Koh Pi Tak (pi-tak) did not draw a lot of tourists due to its name which means a ghost calling. This name came from the story of a fisherman who said he had saw a figure beckoning him to the island. But when he got there, he found nobody. So people started to call this island Koh Pi Tak. However, as time passes and more people came settle down at this island, the tone is changed to Koh Pitak (pi-tak), which means a protecting island instead.

Apart from many kinds of sea animals, coconut is also an important product of this island.
From the beach into the land, the atmosphere changes from the blue sea to the green shady coconut farm.
Being an island close the land, from Ao Thong Krok, tourists could even walk to Koh Pitak during the low tide.


Koh Pitak
Seafood freshly brought from the sea is sold at the sea is sold at the seafood bazaar around Ao Thong Krok. Those who come to the island, thus, will have the best chance to try fresh and delicious seafood.

Koh Pitak is a pretty small island, tourists could walk along the walking path, see the fisherman way of life, and learn how they burn coconut for coconut oil. It takes only a few hours to travel through the island.

The south-west of the island is the location the community, whereas the east is a 450-meter-long beach, peaceful, clean and nice for swimming.
In the north there is a view spot approximately 200 meters high, from this spot you might unbelievable see as far as Koh Tao, Koh Samui, and Koh Pha Ngan in Surat Thani province.


Koh Pitak Chumphon Thailand
Located only around 1 kilometer away from land, Koh Pitak is the closest island of Chumphon. If the tide is low, you can even walk to the island within 15 minutes. Koh Pitak is inhabited by approximately 42 families, mostly Buddhists. People here make a living by doing domestic fishery, keeping mussels, and growing coconut farms. As most of the areas at the island are coconut farms, and the land is very close in a walking distance, there are no school or temple on this island.

Koh Pitak community is a claimed to be an excellent nature preserver. It also won an award as the island free from drugs. Nowadays the community is the conservation center to protect coral reef and giant clam at the island and the nearby island named Koh Kram is around 1 kilometer away, full of abundant staghorn corals, brain corals, and giant clams. Tourists could very well visit Koh Kram to appreciate the beauty of the under marine world, but under one condition, do preserve it.